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Plastic surgery procedures in Monterrey

Male showing abs
Plastic surgery is usually used to enhance the body contour and physical appearance of the body. The newest technologies and medical advances have allowed specialists to treat various conditions and specific parts of the body improving the patient’s quality of life.
The plastic surgeon located in Monterrey has the experience and professionalism to help patients enhance their physical appearance. Schedule an appointment with this certified specialist and get excellent results.
Face lift
Also known as rhytidectomy, this procedure is used to lift loose skin around the face. Using general anesthesia, the excess skin is removed to provide a younger and redefined jawline.
Neck lift
This procedure can minimize visible age signs by removing excess skin or fat accumulated around the neck. The ending result will be a younger-looking neck.
Mommy Makeover
With mommy makeover® you will be able to remove the drags that pregnancy has caused your body, and make it even more!
This comprehensive program will be able to give you a flat abdomen, a defined waist, a lifted and firm bust, and the female silhouette you want.
Lipoesculture 3.0
At NuBody we believe in the precision and detail that a Liposculpture entails, we also want this procedure to be the most noble and effective for the patient and also for the doctor who performs it. Previously, liposuction was carried out with cannulas that with pressure and force detached the patient’s fat, this technique meant wear and tear for the surgeon and more post-operative trauma for the patient, as well as blood loss.
Thanks to technology in the medical field, all these problems have been solved, now at Nubody we use two important technologies: Vaser® ultrasound-assisted liposuction and now also Microiare or PAL (Power-Assisted Liposuction) assisted liposuction.
NUABS® High Fidelity Lipo
A few years ago, it was highly unlikely to achieve a lean and toned body without dieting or exercise, however today thanks to technology it is possible to do it in the blink of an eye.
4D liposculpture (another name it receives) allows you to sculpt specific areas of the patient’s body, in order to mark the muscles of an athletic person.