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Dr. Carlos Armando Marciales Chacon

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Dr. Carlos Marciales Certified Plastic Surgeon, I reiterate my commitment to my patients every day. Always providing ethical and 100% personalized attention to achieve the best possible results, putting your safety first.

International studies
General Surgery Hospital Carlos J. Bello, Venezuelan Red Cross. Caracas, Venezuela, 2012
Anti-Aging Medicine. Ibero-Latin American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine of the Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro. Caracas, Venezuela, 2012
Training in Body Contouring: Raúl González Clinic. Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2016
Plastic Surgery Meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Los Angeles, California, 2016

Tijuana plastic surgeon doctor certificate
Tijuana plastic surgeon doctor certificate
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Lizbeth Castro
Patient, 06/26/2021
Bullets Excellent doctor
Jessi Muniz
Patient, 07/18/2020
Bullets 100% recommendable. Excellent surgeon, human being along with his entire te ... Read more.
Rosario Tapia
Patient, 05/18/2020