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Plastic and reconstructive surgery is used to repair or correct the tissues of the body affected by trauma, illness, congenital effects, or to enhance the physical appearance. Surgeons work along patients to achieve the results they expect. See our more popular procedures to get more information.
The plastic surgeon in Vallarta has the experience and certifications to help patients enhance their appearance. You can expect affordable prices, quality procedures, and excellent patient care with this top surgeon.
Facial feminization
A combination of procedures can be done to make the facial features loos more delicate and defined in a person who would like to look more feminine. These surgeries may include frontal remodeling, rhinoplasty, facial fat injection, facial implants, lip surgery, jaw and chin remodeling, among others.
Body feminization
We associate the prominence of the breast, the buttocks and the hips as well as the defined waist with female features. A combination of surgical procedures can be done to achieve these goals (breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, fat injection, etc). Each case is evaluated in detail to assess the patient's needs and aspirations.
Mastectomy / Top surgery
Removing the breast with most of its glandular tissue, fat and skin helps to define the thorax contour in a male-shaped structure. With this procedure the patient finally gets a flat chest.
Forehead Lift
This is a surgical procedure that improves the facial aesthetics designed for people who suffer from a large forehead that makes them feel uncomfortable with their facial proportions. The technique involves lifting the forehead soft tissues, hairline advancement and eyebrow lift (optional).
Forehead contouring
The contour of the forehead sometimes is affected by asymmetries, uneven distribution of tissues, hairline malposition and bony prominences. The procedure is intended to correct all these alterations and improve the look of the face as a whole.
Brow lift
Some loose skin as well as fat accumulation may change the brow position and condition a tired gaze, sometimes with an angry appearance. This procedure can be done during a blepharoplasty to improve the natural look of the eyes and the brows making the patient look renewed.
This surgery helps to change external and internal nasal features to get an aesthetic and functional improvement. The nose is an aesthetic unit of the face and contributes to facial equilibrium and harmony. Both aesthetic and functional needs can be addressed at the same time to offer a comprehensive improvement.
Cheek surgery (buccal fat pad removal)
Cheek reduction surgery or BUCCAL FAT PAD REMOVAL is performed in people who would like to decrease their cheeks bulging secondary to the presence of large fat pads. These may create a round facial appearance and imbalanced aesthetic proportions.
Dimple creation
The little holes that appear in some people are considered by many a symbol of youth and beauty. We can create natural looking dimples with a local surgery to help patients achieve this appearance in their faces.
Chin contouring / implants
The chin is part of the lower face and contributes to the facial contour as a whole. We can reshape this anatomical part by correcting volume deficiencies, lack of projection, asymmetries, undesirable prominences, etc. Procedures to be done are quite variable and include implant placement, soft tissue remodeling, bone polishing, etc.
Face Lift / Neck lift
Our face helps us to communicate with other people in several ways, it gives us a specific identity as well as a good gender correlation. The face lift or surgical facial rejuvenation is performed to regain the volume, support, projection and outline lost with time by the superficial and deep tissues. The neck lift is also done during the same procedure. There are several techniques used to achieve a long lasting result (MACS, mini, etc) and the one that best fits the patients' needs will depend on the alterations present at the time of personal evaluation.
Nipple / Areola Surgery
Nipples are part of the sexual anatomy that identify both sexes. The problems in the nipple are disorders associated with changes in body perception, low self-esteem and even functional and disabling serious conditions. A detailed surgical procedure may improve the aforementioned variations and help the patient enjoy a better quality of life.
Pectoral augmentation
We place pectoral implants in men who wish to increase their pectoral size, volume, projection and contour. Silicone-based breast implants are more commonly used for this purpose; they vary in size and shape and are chosen according to the patient's anatomy and goals. Occasionally fat infiltration helps to define pectoral shape and size.
Arm lift
This surgery, also known as brachioplasty, removes the extra skin and fat of the arms, achieving an improvement in their shape. This flabby skin and excessive fatty deposits contribute to an unpleasant aspect of the arms and are taken out with careful resective and suction procedures. These alterations are secondary to important weight changes as well as structural elasticity lost.
Upper and lower body lift
A combination of procedures such as liposuction and skin resection can be done at the same time to remove all the loose tissues the body produced secondary to important weight changes, pregnancies and the aging process. These surgeries may include liposuction, skin resection, fat infiltration, among others and are oriented to improve the body contour and the patient confidence and self-steem. These procedures may include the arms, upper back, abdomen, lowe back, hips and thighs.
Abdominal etching
Many patients want to get rid of the excessive fatty deposits accumulated under the abdominal skin and look athletic at the same time. Candidate patients for this procedure must keep certain body conditions to make the most of their procedure and enjoy an excellent result.
Mommy makeover
The full renovation of the female anatomy after pregnancies involves a complete redesign of the body shape. Procedures may include breast augmentation / lift, liposuction, fat injection, BBL, tummy tuck, among others. This combination of surgeries are intended to regain the aesthetics of the female anatomy and the patient's confidence in the way she looks.
This cosmetic procedure contributes to the aesthetic visual improvement of the female genitals. It is recommended for women with prominent labia minora that cause low self-esteem, aesthetic discomfort, functional problems and sexual intercourse disorders.
Buttock implants
Specially designed silicone-based buttock implants are placed in people who would like to increase their buttock volume and improve contour. Sometimes fat infiltration complements this procedure and improves buttocks and hip shape.
Calf implants
Specially designed silicone-based calf implants are placed in people who would like to increase their calves volume and improve contour. Sometimes fat infiltration complements this procedure.
Frontal remodeling
The forehead contour contributes to shape of the face as a whole and helps us identify either coarse (masculine) or delicate (feminine) features. This procedure may include bone remodeling in order to get precise results in people looking for a more definitive outcome.
Upper lip lift
Lifting the lip with an almost scarless procedure helps the patient to get a more youthful appearance as well as a more delicate lip contour. Lips become more appealing and sexier, especially when this is combined with volume augmentation in certain patients.
Jaw & chin contouring
Both structures, the jaw and chin, provide the lower facial contour. Bone and soft tissue remodeling procedures are intended to improve the shape and symmetry and give the face a more delicate and feminine profile.
Tracheal shave
The prominence in the frontal and lateral view of the neck due to the size of the tracheal cartilage is associated with male features. The delicate shaving of this structure may diminish its protrusion and leave a more delicate contour to the neck.
Body masculinization
The body can be molded with a combination of procedures in order to provide a masculine contour. A combination of surgical procedures can be done to achieve these goals (mastectomy/top surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck, fat injection, etc). Each case is evaluated in detail to asses the patient's needs and aspirations.