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Jesus Castillo
Patient, Cancún 02/03/2023
bullets The attention was very cordial, the examination was professional and the explanation very clear, everything was really good, the facilities were super good and the waiting time was acceptable. Finally, the payment method offers many alternatives.
Jorge Henriques
Patient, Cancún 01/25/2023
bullets Dr. Alejandro, answered all the questions that my husband asked him, was very clear with his explanations, and was very patient, he is clear and precise, in exceptional words, very happy to have met him, many thanks to Dr. Alejandro and his team themselves to the super friendly secretaries. Thanks a lot.

Patient, Cancún 08/23/2022
bullets The doctor was very attentive from start to finish during the consultation. The same with the steps to follow after the treatment was carried out, it was very clear and with enough explanation. In terms of cost, it is very accessible.
Jorge R. Ahumada
Patient, Cancún 07/02/2022
bullets The explanation was clear at all times, this gave me confidence in his abilities. So my decision to choose it was easier and the results were great.

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Testimonials for urologic surgery in Cancún