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Urology procedures in Estado de México

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Urologist are medical doctors specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the urinary tract of both male and female, as well as the conditions affecting the male reproductive system. See more information about prices and the most common procedures offered by this top surgeon.
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Additional urology procedures in Estado de México
Cystoscopy – bladder scope test
A bladder scope test helps diagnose or treat urinary problems, tumors and kidney stones.
During the test, the specialist inserts a small tube through the urethra into the bladder.
U.S. price: $3,000
Our price: $350
Savings: 88%
Male circumcision
A circumcision is recommended to treat medical conditions such as phimosis and recurrent balanitis. The procedure consists of removing the foreskin of the penis.
Male circumcision
U.S. price: $3,000
Our price: $2,500
Savings: 17%
Orchiopexy – Undescended testicle surgery
This surgery is performed to treat an undescended testicle. During the surgery, the urologist places and secures the testicle in the scrotum.
U.S. price: $17,000
Our price: $5,000
Savings: 71%
Prostate biopsy
This is a minimally invasive procedure in which the specialist uses a probe and a needle to take a small sample of the prostate tissue. This test helps diagnose tumors or cancer in the prostate.
Prostate biopsy
U.S. price: $6,500
Our price: $1,300
Savings: 80%
Urethral stenosis – Urethroplasty
Urethral stenosis or urethral stricture is a narrowing of the urethra that irrupts urine flow. Urethroplasty is the surgical procedure that removes the narrowed section.
Urethral Stenosis
U.S. price: $12,000
Our price: $10,000
Savings: 17%
Varicocele is an abnormal enlargement of the veins within the scrotum. Surgery is recommended if its causing fertility problems.
U.S. price: $9,000
Our price: $2,500
Savings: 72%