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Ricardo A.
Patient, Guadalajara 08/14/2020
bullets Professional and direct. He does his job well and without judgment. He responds promptly, is friendly, does not pressure you, and takes care to follow up properly to make sure you finish treatment in a healthy way. He is a conscientious and ethical person, seeks the protection of the health of his patients and third parties.
Patient, Guadalajara 08/25/2019
bullets The doctor was very attentive to me. He explained to me in detail the procedures, the new treatment, and the results of the studies he had. Excellent doctor, I recommend it.
Patient, Guadalajara 01/29/2019
bullets I traveled from Monterrey to consult with the urologist since they did not solve my problem here. At the first consultation, he knew that my problem was interstitial cystitis and not prostatitis as the other doctors thought. After 3 months of treatment I am super happy with the results!
Luis Z.
Patient, Guadalajara 01/12/2018
bullets Excellent treatment, very friendly, humane and very professional. He performed a laser prostate surgery on my father and it turned out very well. I highly recommend it.
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