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Urology procedures in Hermosillo

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The urologist specializes in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of the urinary tract of men and women, and male reproductive organs. Some procedures can be done using minimally invasive techniques, reducing recovery times. See more information about the most popular procedures in Hermosillo.
The urological surgeon in Hermosillo has the certifications and experience to offer the best options and protocols in urology procedures. You can rest assured that the specialist will provide a safe and comfortable environment.
Additional urology procedures in Hermosillo
Cystoscopy - bladder scope test
A cystoscopy or bladder scope test is done to diagnose urinary problems, kidney stones, as well as for benign or malignant tumors.
Male circumcision
Male circumcision consists of removing the skin that covers the penis, either for medical reasons such as phimosis and balanitis or before placing an implant for erectile dysfunction, or a penis enlargement surgery.
Orchiopexy - Undescended testicle surgery
Orchiopexy is done to treat an undescended testicle or testicular torsion. During the procedure, the affected testicle is lowered and fixed to the scrotum to prevent recurrences.
Prostate biopsy
Prostate biopsy is a minimally invasive procedure that helps diagnose cancer or benign tumors in the prostate. During the biopsy, a probe and needle are used to take a small sample of prostate tissue.
Urethral Stenosis - Urethroplasty
Urethral stricture is scarring that blocks the passage of urine through the urethra, causing discomfort when urinating or urinary incontinence. Surgery consists of removing the obstructed section to improve the flow of urine.
Varicocele is a medical condition that limits or disrupts blood circulation in the testicles, affecting the fertility of men. Surgery aims to remove the affected veins to restore blood flow.