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Urology procedures in Los Cabos

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A urologist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones, urinary tract infections, bladder cancer, and the male reproductive organs. See the most popular procedures in Los Cabos to get more information about the procedures and the great savings that Los Cabos offer.
Get affordable prices and top-quality care on urology procedures with the best urologist in Los Cabos. The specialist and staff will create a comfortable environment so patients can have a pleasant experience.
Additional urology procedures in Los Cabos
Cystoscopy - bladder scope test
A bladder scope test can help diagnose and treat conditions in the bladder and urethra. The procedure consists of inserting a tube through the urethra to reach the bladder.
U.S. price: $3,000
Our price: $400
Savings: 87%
Male circumcision
Male circumcision can be done to help treat conditions like phimosis, balanitis, or for procedures such as penis enlargement. During the circumcision, the specialists remove the skin from the tip of the penis.
Male circumcision
U.S. price: $3,000
Our price: $500
Savings: 83%
Orchiopexy - Undescended testicle surgery
An orchiopexy surgery is performed to return to its place an undescended testicle. This condition is more common among children.
U.S. price: $17,000
Our price: $1,400
Savings: 92%
Prostate biopsy
A prostate biopsy consists of extracting a small sample of the prostate tissue to help diagnose cancer or tumors in the prostate.
Prostate biopsy
U.S. price: $6,500
Our price: $700
Savings: 89%
Urethral Stenosis - Urethroplasty
A urethroplasty is a surgery performed to enlarge a narrowed section of the urethra to improve the flow of urine.
Urethral Stenosis
U.S. price: $12,000
Our price: $1,000
Savings: 92%
During the procedure, the specialist removes the affected veins to help restore the blood flow on the scrotum.
U.S. price: $9,000
Our price: $1,200
Savings: 87%