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Urology procedures in México City

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Urology is the medical specialty that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of the urinary tract of men and women; kidney, bladder ureters, and the male reproductive organs; penis, testicles, prostate. See the most common procedures performed by the top urologist in Mexico City.
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Additional urology procedures in México City
Cystoscopy - bladder scope test
A bladder scope test consists on insert a small tube through the urethra to help diagnose and treat diseases in the bladder and urethra.
Male circumcision
Male circumcision can be performed to treat conditions as phimosis or balanitis. In other cases, can be done for cosmetic reasons or before a penile enlargement surgery.
Orchiopexy - Undescended testicle surgery
Orchiopexy is a surgery performed to return to the scrotum an undescended or twisted testicle. This procedure can be done as an open surgery or laparoscopic.
Prostate biopsy
A prostate biopsy can help diagnose cancer or tumors in the prostate. During the procedure A needle is used to take a small sample of the prostate gland to analyzed it.
Urethral Stenosis - Urethroplasty
A urethroplasty is a surgery in which the specialist reconstructs or replaces the narrowed tissue of the urethral stricture.
Varicocele is a condition that can lead to infertility. This can be caused by an enlargement of the veins that hold the scrotum. Surgery can be advised if the patient is looking to conceive.