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Why urology surgery in Piedras Negras

Piedras Negras shares its bored with Eagle Pass, TX., its closeness to the Unites States, allows visitors to get high-quality medical services while enjoying the culture, hospitality and kindness of the people in Piedras Negras. Schedule an appointment with the certified urology surgeon and get professional attention at affordable prices.

See how to make the best of your visit with our specialized services for medical tourism in Piedras Negras.
Technology used for urology surgery in Piedras Negras
Laser surgery
Microscopic surgery
Percutaneous surgery
Piedras Negras attractions and recommendations
Plaza de las Culturas
Macro Plaza II
Museo de la Frontera Norte
Mercado Zaragoza
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Calle Teran 401, Interior D, Piedras Negras Centro 26000, Piedras Negras, Coah.