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Lucia Melendez Veta
Patient, Monterrey 05/31/2023
bullets Dr. Riky Luis performed a surgery on me. From the first day he explained my case, he was patient with me, he was so friendly and humane with me. I recommend it 100%. Thank you, Doctor.
Tere Alva
Patient, Monterrey 03/13/2023
bullets Excellent as always, very attentive, very well explained everything, many doubts were clarified but above all I have seen very good results in the treatment. And of course, I highly recommend it.
Yuridia Peralta
Patient, Monterrey 05/21/2022
bullets Excellent communication and support. Good service and clear explanations. Friendly and provided an excellent and fast service even though it was scheduled with little time in advance.
Javier Estrada
Patient, Monterrey 03/07/2022
bullets Excellent doctor, he had an incredible dedication to my attention, super friendly answering all my questions and above all very capable I am very happy to have fallen into his hands and above all the tranquility with which I left his office maximum rating and my greatest respect for Dr Ricky.

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Testimonials for vascular surgery in Monterrey