Puebla: Cost-effective Orthopedic Surgery

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Orthopedics is the branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis, treatments or injuries related to the muscles and skeleton. Puebla’s clinic is lead by a board-certified specialist who specializes in surgeries like ACL repair, knee injection or arthroscopy and is a member of multiple associations in Mexico, with the skill and knowledge to use the latest technology in medical equipment to ensure care and precision for patients’ health.
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What makes Pueblaa great destination for medical tourism is their cost-effective procedures and its culture. Savings go up to approximately 80% in some cases and inexpensive traveling services when compared to other countries. Puebla is an ideal place to relax during recovery; patients who undergo orthopedic surgery need at least a week of recovery to be cleared to fly, resulting in limited mobility after surgery. While recovering from surgery you can enjoy the enriching environment and local dishes such as Mole Poblano and Chiles en Nogada, and warm weather of Puebla
Puebla’s specialist offers services for international patients like online consultation, post-operative treatment, and bilingual staff. The waiting period for a consultation or surgery in their clinic is minor. They also have many years of experience in the field and testimonials from other patients who underwent surgery with them. Consider the trustworthy Puebla’s specialist for getting surgery abroad.
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