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Aesthetic procedures in Mazatlán

Mature woman with young skin
With various solutions to your specific needs, aesthetic treatments are completely non-surgical with the advantage of delivering similar results as surgical interventions, making them the ideal solution for patients that desire less invasive interventions and downtimes. Get more information about the procedures offered in this top clinic.
Get a first-hand experience of non-surgical procedures with high-grade materials and state of the art technology handled by a certified specialist that offer patients the most modern treatments available to rejuvenate the skin.
Thread lift
This minimally invasive procedure lifts the facial skin with absorbable sutures. The procedure is done by a certified specialist will help you achieve great results.
Thread lift
U.S. price: $4,500
Our price: $556.17
Savings: 88%
8 threads
Enzymes offer multiple aesthetic uses, they can help patients minimize the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and acne scars. These can be injected or applied as a mask.
Facial enzymes
U.S. price: $250
Our price: $76.47
Savings: 69%
The microneedling is used to minimize the wrinkles and scars on the skin. To obtain more dramatic results, it can be combined with other treatments.
This clinic also offers botox and PRP treatments.