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Testimonials for fertility treatments in Mérida

Reviews for fertility treatments in Mérida

Patient, Mérida
bullets At the age of 15, I had an issue with ovarian cysts, and unfortunately, I sought treatment very late. I underwent emergency surgery, had one ovary removed, and my fallopian tube was cut. The doctor told me I wouldn't be a mom, and it was very tough. I met my partner, told him what happened, and he said we would find a way, that somehow, we would become parents, but it was very difficult.

Dealing with social pressure, being asked about children, and knowing that you are the one with the issue... In 2005, I made the first attempt; they transferred two embryos, but it didn't work. We sought information, visited clinics, attended all expos... until I reached the Institute in 2016. I was already 41, but they said it could be done. We tried in April 2017, and I achieved pregnancy; it was three babies, but unfortunately, I lost them in the fifth month.

After a third attempt, it finally worked, but we didn't want to say anything, didn't publish it. On July 1, 2019, my girl was born. That day we were calm; I knew everything would be fine. The cesarean section went smoothly, but we were very excited. When I heard her cry, I felt so happy; it was beautiful to experience that moment with my husband, to feel her, and finally, see her. Since I was 15, I had resigned myself to the idea that I wouldn't be a mom, but everything falls into place.

Don't give up, and don't feel any less of a woman because many of us go through this. Many of us experience all kinds of things, and we have to do the impossible to achieve it.
Patient, Mérida
bullets I am 35, and in 2015, a doctor told me the worst thing you can hear when you're trying to be a mom with all your heart: 'You have endometriosis and a 0% chance of having a baby; you will never be a mother.' In 2015, we went on vacation, and I started feeling unwell; I thought I was pregnant. When I went to the doctor, he told me I wasn't pregnant. They did studies, a very painful hysterosalpingography, and after that, he said I would never be a mom.

We went to another clinic, and they said my problem was different, hormonal, and with surgery in four months, I could have children. Someone who went through the same thing told me they had gone to the Institute, to give it a try, and we came in 2018. I got a diagnosis I had never received before: 'You have polycystic ovary, but still, you can be a mother.' Honestly, I didn't believe them.

It was very hard to trust doctors again, but I felt cared for and well with the treatment. They and the nurses were always there; they kept their promise, and my test came out positive from my first IVF! When I heard that María Eugenia cried at birth, and I could finally rest. They brought her to me, and I gave her her first kiss; that's when everything became real!
Patient, Mérida
bullets I was 23 and thought, “Is this a punishment? Am I a bad person? Will I not be a good mom?” Seeing 40-year-old women getting pregnant, while I couldn't, many thoughts crossed my mind when unable to start a family. I felt a lot of guilt, and society also puts a lot of pressure on you.
I had the dream of being a mom from a very young age, and it took us 13 years to achieve it. It was a tough battle, going through so many treatments, inseminations, fertilizations... It was very intense, and I decided to stop. I didn't want to know anything anymore, but a family member got pregnant with Ingenes, and my husband asked me to try again.

Our first attempt was very tough; I cried, felt angry, frustrated, tried to erase it from my mind. It took us 6 months to try again, and they helped me emotionally, prepared me to be positive and more receptive. We started again with injections, medications, and I was very scared; we had already made 5 attempts. I asked for a miracle! These were moments of high tension; you want time to move fast. I got pregnant on my second attempt.

Guillermo Tadeo was born on December 29 with great excitement. When you hear him cry, it's a wonderful feeling; I couldn't explain it. After hugging him and having him close, you forget all the suffering, everything you went through, the midnight injections, the sacrifices... It's all worth it; it's the best in the world. I am very happy to have the family I always desired, to wake up every morning and see that little piece of us, to feel complete. Being a mom is the best role I've had in my life.

Before and after for fertility treatments in Mérida

fertility clinic before and after of patients in Mérida
fertility clinic before and after of patients in Mérida
fertility clinic before and after of patients in Mérida

Testimonials for fertility treatments in Mérida