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Procedures for general surgery in Nogales

General Surgery in Nogales
General surgeons focus on diagnosing, performing, and managing post-operative care for surgeries involving the digestive tract, abdomen, and endocrine system. They are also trained in minimally invasive techniques. See more information about the most popular procedures in Nogales.
Schedule a consultation for the surgery you need with the general surgeon in Nogales. The specialist has the certifications and experience to provide professional attention and affordable prices.
Additional procedures for general surgery in Nogales
Anal fissure
Treatment for anal fissures starts with sitz baths, fiber-rich diet, and topical ointments, If severe, surgery may be necessary.
A hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical procedure to remove hemorrhoids. It's done under anesthesia and can be open or closed, depending on the severity and type of hemorrhoids.
Liver removal - Hepatectomy
A hepatectomy is a surgical procedure to remove a portion of the liver affected by disease, such as cancer or liver cirrhosis. It aims to remove tumors or damaged tissue while preserving liver function.