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Procedures for general surgery in Vallarta

General Surgery in Vallarta
General surgeons specialize in the evaluation, procedure, and post-operative care of most surgeries performed on the digestive tract, abdomen, and endocrine system. Additionally, they can have training courses on minimally invasive techniques. See more information about the most popular procedures in Vallarta.
Schedule a consultation for the surgery you need with the best general surgeon in Vallarta. The specialist has the certifications and experience to provide professional attention and affordable prices.
Additional procedures for general surgery in Vallarta
Anal fissure
Treatment for anal fissures starts with medications, increasing fiber intake, and lastly with surgery. The procedure involves cutting the damaged skin to improve healing.
Hemorrhoidectomy is the surgical treatment for internal or external hemorrhoids. During the procedure, the general surgeon removes the hemorrhoid and closes the wound with sutures.
Liver removal - Hepatectomy
This procedure involves the partial removal of the liver in patients with liver cancer, benign tumors, or liver diseases.