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Gynecologists specialize in the treatment of those conditions that affect the female reproductive organs such as abnormal bleeding, endometriosis, contraception, infertility, and ovarian cysts. Regular visits or annual checkups are the best way to prevent and detect any disease. Get more information about the most popular procedures in Mexico City.
Do you have a gynecological condition that needs surgery, but it is too expensive in your country? Travel to Mexico City and get the best medical attention at affordable prices with a certified gynecologist that has the experience and skills to deliver excellent results.

Additional gynecology procedures in México City

Pap and HPV test
The HPV and Pap test is used to help detect signs of cancerous cells in the cervix. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and involves taking a small sample of the cervix cells.
Pap and HPV test
U.S. price: $331
Our price: $250
Savings: 24%
A colposcopy helps detect precancerous cells and genital warts. During the procedure, the gynecologist uses a colposcope to see into the cervix to locate abnormalities in the cervix. If needed, the specialist will collect a sample of tissues.
U.S. price: $7,000
Our price: $110
Savings: 98%