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Patient, México City 08/09/2022
bullets Brenda is excellent at what she does, I was very lucky to go with her and that she took care of my prenatal control, she guided me in all the doubts we could have, in addition to the fact that as a gynecologist she has a lot of experience and knows where to go if something it gets complicated; She has a lot of tact and her consultations are very pleasant. 100 percent recommended.
Elízabeth Corral Bohórquez
Patient, México City 07/26/2022
bullets We love Dra. Brenda because she is direct, respectful, empathic, very sincere, and highly prepared. We trust her recommendations and the way she guides us in any process or treatment.
Rosarelis Romero
Patient, México City 07/10/2022
bullets It was my daughter's first gynecological consultation and as a woman I wanted her first experience to be good, the truth is that it exceeded my expectations, my daughter felt very good and confident with Dra. Brenda as she was very delicate and human with her. She also explained in detail all the procedures and treatments. Excellent professional.

Patient, México City 11/24/2021
bullets I am so happy with the service I received from Dra. Ramirez and Maria her assistant. They are both very welcoming and make you feel at ease. The treatment was extremely professional and everything was explained to me very well. I would highly recommend you visiting for a full female health check.
Fer R.
Patient, México City 06/14/2021
bullets Excellent quality of service, very professional and very confident. The Dra. Accompanies you in all your doubts and you are always supervised. Highly recommended, I am very happy and calm. Thank you very much for the excellent service and professionalism.
Jennifer Flores
Patient, México City 06/14/2021
bullets Excellent doctor, great human quality, reliable, extensive knowledge, explains step by step and in detail what you need, 100% recommended!
Rocio V.
Patient, México City 07/28/2020
bullets I think that Dr. Brenda is an excellent doctor, she has a lot of patience, she always does everything possible to make you feel comfortable with the procedures, she is aware of you and supports you in any circumstance that occurs during and after the treatments.
Sheila Rojas
Patient, México City 07/04/2020
bullets Excellent Dr. After years of suffering, she suspected from the first consultation that she had endometriosis, a diagnosis that was later confirmed with MRI and hysteroscopy.

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Testimonials for gynecologic surgery in México City