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Gynecology procedures in Reynosa

Gynecology in Reynosa
Gynecology focuses on maintaining the health and well-being of the uterus, ovaries, vagina, and breasts. Gynecologists offer a range of services, including routine checkups, addressing menstrual disorders, providing prenatal care, and managing menopause. Learn more about the most popular procedures in Reynosa.
Is it time for your annual gynecological check-up? Schedule an appointment with the board-certified gynecologist in Reynosa for professional care. Our specialist has the experience and professionalism to guide you through every stage of your life.
Additional gynecology procedures in Reynosa
Pap and HPV test
The Pap and HPV test help detect cervical cancer or human papillomavirus. These tests are part of the annual gynecological check-up.
This procedure is typically performed after a pap and HPV test. And helps detect lesions and abnormalities in the cervix.