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Oncology procedures in Mérida

Oncology procedures in
Oncology treats cancer, a disease that causes the body’s cells to start spreading to other organs. The main areas of oncology are; medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgical oncology; which is in charge of the surgical removal of the tumor and coordinate treatment with other specialists. We invite you to check the most popular procedures in Merida.
Get the surgery you need to treat cancer, with the best-certified oncology surgeon in Merida. The specialist provides specialized attention so patients can have a peaceful and comfortable experience at the best price.

Additional oncology procedures in Mérida

Medical oncology
Medical oncologists are specialized in creating a treatment plan for cancer using chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or immunotherapy.
Radiation oncology
Radiation oncology is used to shrink the tumor or keep it from coming back. This therapy uses high-energy X rays (photons) to target the tumor more accurately.