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Testimonials for surgical oncology in Mérida

Reviews for surgical oncology in Mérida

Lazaro Díaz
Patient, Mérida 09/21/2021
bullets Dr. Alberto is very professional and above all, very human. I appreciate the explanation and constant attention from him. He is efficient and accurate. I have no words to express my gratitude. In the midst of complex situations such as cancer, he gave me strength and with the knowledge of him and God's help, I had hope. He operated on me and gave timely follow-up. I highly recommend it.
Victor RG
Patient, Mérida 07/23/2021
bullets Highly recommended, very kind, and professional, he performed a total thyroidectomy on my wife, and thank God everything went well. He answers all your questions even if it does not correspond to the conditions for which he treated you.
Albino C.
Patient, Mérida 02/11/2021
bullets In the first consultation, he offered a detailed explanation of what the disease is all about. He explained the treatment options and resolved all the doubts. The doctor performed the surgery and has been available for any questions or concerns regarding post-operative recovery. His full willingness to be in full communication is appreciated no matter how many times he was asked. The passion for his profession and for the health of the patient is notorious.
Libia Estrella
Patient, Mérida 01/31/2020
bullets Great professional, excellent, clear, and precise information, with an innovative outlook. They had told me that it was necessary to remove the entire breast, but he preserved it by removing cancer. He gave me a medical follow-up at all times, clarifying the slightest doubt. I am grateful for having come to the hands and knowledge of him.

Before and after for surgical oncology in Mérida

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Testimonials for surgical oncology in Mérida