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Bad eyesight can affect your daily activities like driving, watching T.V. or cooking, making them less enjoyable. Early treatment can help you to detect and prevent vision loss. Get more information about the procedures available in this clinic.
Get professional ophthalmologic procedures in Monterrey. The clinic has the technology, facilities and staff to provide comprehensive care during and after any surgical intervention or evaluation.
Additional ophthalmology procedures in Monterrey
It is a more modern technique that uses a femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap. This new laser creates a plane of microbubbles to separate the layers of the cornea and thus avoid cutting with the blade.
Better visual results
Fewer complications
Keratoconus is when the cornea thins out and bulges like a cone. Changing the shape of the cornea brings light rays out of focus. Resulting in blurry and distorted vision, making daily tasks difficult.
Scleral lenses
U.S. price: $2,500
Our price: $1,450
Savings: 42%
It is an outpatient procedure which prevents the progression of keratoconus and reduces the possibility of needing a corneal transplant in the future.
Strengthens the structure of the cornea.
Prevents the progression of keratoconus.
Improves visual acuity.
U.S. price: $4,000
Our price: $2,600
Savings: 35%
Strabismus surgery
A disorder in which the eyes do not look in exactly the same direction at the same time. The causes of strabismus can be injury to a nerve or malfunction of the muscles that control the eye.
Strabismus surgery
U.S. price: $7,500
Our price: $3,125
Savings: 58.33%