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Edgaar F. Arteaga
Patient, Monterrey 08/06/2019
bullets In September 2019, it will be 3 years of my laser surgery and I can confirm that is an excellent service! I feel excellent.
Sonia Flores
Patient, Monterrey 05/19/2019
bullets About to turn my first anniversary since my surgery and I don't regret my decision. Thanks for your kindness. 100% recommended.
Clau Montoya
Patient, Monterrey 06/14/2017
bullets All I can say is that I had the vision of a senior and now I have an eagle view. Very good service and very attentive doctors. I highly recommend it.
Jose Huerta
Patient, Monterrey
bullets We travel to Monterrey from Houston and I'm very satisfied with my laser surgery, the attention was excellent! I'm in the first month since the surgery and I can see closely. Before I didn't see anything and a little blurry far away. I'm following the doctor indications.
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