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Orthopedic procedures in Mérida

Woman with pain in the lower back
Physical activities, diseases, and age are factors that can cause pain and decrease the mobility of daily activities. The orthopedic specialist focus on the diagnosis and treatment of those conditions that are affecting the bones, muscles, and tendons. Get more information about the procedures available in the Merida orthopedic clinic.
Get an orthopedic evaluation with the certified surgeon in Merida. The specialist is dedicated to offer patients affordable prices and high-quality procedures done with the newest technologies to deliver excellent results.
Shoulder replacement
Whether due to degenerative causes or trauma, prosthetic shoulder replacement provides an improvement in the quality of life, in the return to daily activities and a decrease in pain.
Herniated disk
A herniated disk occurs when an internal part of the nucleus pushes against the outer part of the disk. Surgery is advice after non-surgical treatments like, medication or therapy did not alleviate the pain or numbness.
Bone fracture repair
Medical conditions or accidents can cause a bone fracture. The treatment consists of returning the bone to its position and limiting its movement by placing a cast or external fixation to help it heal.