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Why orthopedic surgery in Monterrey
Monterrey is also known as The City of the Mountains for its unmatched natural landscapes. This destination is the ideal place for all ages as it combines Mexican culture with a modern touch. The orthopedic surgeon will provide the best medical care and professional attention for your surgery while you have a pleasant experience.
See how to make the best of your visit with our specialized services for medical tourism in Monterrey.
Technology used for orthopedic surgery in Monterrey
Minimally invasive
C arm
Monterrey attractions and recommendations
The Macroplaza
Paseo Santa Lucia
Parque Fundidora
Barrio Antiguo
Letter sign with Monterrey name
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Calle Miguel Hidalgo Poniente 2527, Consultorio 205, Hospital Muguerza Alta Especialidad, Obispado 64060, Monterrey, N.L.
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