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Orthopedic procedures in Vallarta

Runner with pain in the knee
Most orthopedic injuries can be treated as an outpatient procedure. With an arthroscopy, you can leave the hospital after the anesthesia wears off and get back to your daily activities with ease. See the clinic procedures for more information and prices.
The orthopedic clinic in Vallarta offers excellent patient care on all orthopedic procedures. With state-of-the-art facilities and the newest technologies, patients can have a pleasant experience, be confident that a certified surgeon and staff will guide you through the process.
Herniated disk
A herniated disk is a bulge that presses against the spinal nerve causing chronic pain in the back or leg. Surgery is advised only after physical therapy or medication didn’t relieve the pain.
Bone fracture repair
A bone fracture can occur during a fall or an accident. Depending on the severity of the impact, the bone can present a small crack or multiple ruptures. The repair involves putting back the bone to its place with the help of a cast or external fixation.