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Eileen L
Patient, Nuevo Vallarta 08/23/2019
bullets I like Dr. Hernandez. Again, the medical is a wow.... the knee is one thing with arthritis; but, the scoliosis of the back may be the true culprit.... for all my years in US why hasn't anyone ever told me about my back.... because they only look at one thing instead of the whole picture... another wow! So, with exercise for the back that Dr. H prescribed, I may be able to get exercise.
Katie O'Grady
Patient, Nuevo Vallarta 08/17/2019
bullets An excellent, conscientious Doctor who takes his time with his patients. Very knowledgeable, professional and personable.
Patient, Nuevo Vallarta 10/05/2018
bullets I went to others doctors and anyone found what was my problem, the Dr. perform a surgery where he transplanted a ligament. Thanks to that my knee has returned to normal and I have returned to sports. Very professional and excellent treat.
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