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Why physical therapy in México City

Mexico City characterizes for its timeless traditions, history, and gastronomy. This city has one of the most iconic landmarks in the country such as, Chapultepec, Coyoacan, El Angel, Xochimilco, and the Zocalo. Schedule an appointment with the best physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic in Mexico City and receive the best medical services at affordable prices.

See how to make the best of your visit with our specialized services for medical tourism in México City.
Technology used for physical therapy in México City
Dry needling
Therapeutic ultrasound
Percutaneous electrolysis therapy (EPTE)
Electric currents in their different modalities
Ultrasound-guided Neuromodulation Percutaneous (PNM)
México City attractions and recommendations
Chapultepec Castle
The National Museum of Anthropology
Torre Latinoamericana
Letter sign with México City name
Location icon Clinic address and map
Bosque de Duraznos 75, Suit 604-A, Floor 6, Bosques de las Lomas 11700, Ciudad de Mexico
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