Guadalajara: Home to highly skilled General Surgeons.

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Guadalajara is known for its different attractions like tequila tours, an incredible soccer stadium and multiple artisan craft artists. However, the city also hosts some of the most qualified specialists for trauma-induced injuries or hernia repair, they can help with any surgery in the abdominal or neck areas as well. General surgeons also have enough medical knowledge to work with different specialists from many areas.
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The training a general surgeon undergoes is very broad yet important, while they are focused on the areas mentioned before, they also are able to operate in multiple basic systems. Additionally, the general surgeon in Guadalajara has the expertise to educate patients about the surgeries they get and the possible effects of it. Although medical treatments can be costly, the city's prices provide savings of around 65% compared to elsewhere outside of Mexico.
The surgeon’s clinic is located near many mall centers and spots to hang out at like Palacio de Hierro or Parque Metropolitano. Places like these are great for a relaxing time post-surgery because of the environment it offers. Many tourists go to these places to have fun with their loved ones, maybe it can help patients to feel better mentally and emotionally after surgery. Another benefit Guadalajara has for medical tourism is its people, known for giving foreigners a warm welcome and immersing them into the city culture immediately, perfect for having a good time before surgery and reducing possible anxiety or stress caused because of it.
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