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The clinic staff made this recommendations for their visitors
Location iconThe neighborhood
We are located in the street that comes from La Gran Plaza which is the same as the Guadalupe Church, this street goes directly to the clinic. Another way to get there is through the street of entry to Mexico the Abasolo street or Carretera 57, and after eight blocks in the Anahuac street turn left in the Carniceria Hernandez (Butcher shop).

You can walk around without problems. Near the clinic is the downtown of the city, a restaurant of food from Jalisco, modern and typical restaurants and ice cream shops.
Thumbs up iconNear the clinic
Holiday Inn - 2.4 miles
City Express - 2.6 miles
Hampton Inn - 3.6 miles
Helados sultana
Cielo Rojo Coffee & Bakery
These suggestions are in walking distance from the clinic
Letter sign with Piedras Negras name
Piedras Negras recommendations
El Jalisquillo
Las Cabañitas
Sueño de Luna
La Macro Plaza
Museo de la Gran Plaza
Plaza de las 3 culturas
Near hotels in Eagle Pass
La Quinta Inn - 3.0 miles
Hampton Inn - 3.9 miles
Location iconClinic address and map
Anahuac 703, Col. Centro, 26000 Piedras Negras, Coah.
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