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Maxillofacial procedures in Piedras Negras

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Maxillofacial surgery is dedicated to handle conditions related to the jaw and nose. These procedures can improve chewing, speaking, breathing as well as the cosmetic aspect. Select from the most requested procedures to get more information about the prices offered in this top clinic.
With only a fast trip you’ll get access to a professional team and state of the art facility where the principal goal of the specialist is to provide high-quality services and safe procedures, making sure you get the best experience and results.
Cheek implants
Cheek implants help patients to minimize sagging skin by lifting it or by adding volume to the face. The implants are made to be permanent but they can be removed at any time.
Cheek implants
U.S. price: $3,500
Our price: $2,000
Savings: 42.86%
Dental implants
This procedure is the most popular method to replace missing teeth and help patients recover their natural-looking smile. The implant helps secure and hold the dental crown or permanent denture.
Dental implants
U.S. price: $1,600
Our price: $900
Savings: 43.75%