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Orthopedic procedures in Tijuana

Woman with pain in the lower back
Regardless of age and physical activity multiple factors can affect your mobility, regular visits to the orthopedist can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimize joint pain. Select from the procedures and get more information and prices.
The orthopedic clinic in Tijuana is the best option for patients looking to get quality and great results in all procedures, with state-of-the-art facilities and a specialist that works with the newest technology you’ll get the same professional services and patient care as any clinic in the U.S.
Herniated disk
Obesity, age, and abrupt injuries can affect the intervertebral disks causing the outer ring to push into the spinal nerve. Herniated disks can be treated with non-surgical treatments. However, patients with chronic pain and after unsuccessful treatments can be good candidates for surgery.
Bone fracture repair
A fracture, also known as broken bone occurs when the bone is out of place, has a crack or is shatter into multiple pieces. To restore its functionality the bone has to be immobilized with a cast or with external fixation.