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Orthopedic clinic in Tijuana testimonials

Marycruz Cain Arce
Patient, Tijuana 02/06/2018
bullets Thank you so much Dr. Armando Caloca, for your excellent service and I will follow step by step all your recommendations.
Roberto Dias
Patient, Tijuana
bullets When I came to the office several weeks ago, I could not walk without pain. In just three weeks of treatment and plenty of rest, my pain decreased slowly and steadily. Now I can walk and run without pain. My spine feels better and most important though is that I can start enjoying life again! Prior to coming in, family and friends suggested coming and I was unsure. Now I am so glad that I came here. Thank you.
Melissa Rodríguez
Patient, Tijuana
bullets Before the operation I had constant pain, but didn’t want to get it for fear of something bad happening. But after being convinced by my children, I went to the place, I made the appointment, and it worked out better than I thought. It was worth it, because what little time I spent doing the operation and the recovery isn’t much compared to the constant pain it saved me.
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