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Dermatology is the medical specialty responsible for the correct diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders, hair, and nails as well as the care and protection of the skin and its appearance.
The training of a dermatologist consists of a Bachelor's degree in Medical Surgery, one year of internal medicine, and 3 additional years of Dermatology. Some dermatologists may take higher specialty courses such as dermatopathology, dermatologic surgery, and dermato-oncology.

Medical dermatology
Medical dermatology focuses on medical conditions that affect the function and overall health of the skin, hair, and nails. Some conditions treated are acne, psoriasis, fungal infections, moles, and skin cancer.

Cosmetic dermatology
Cosmetic dermatology specializes in treatments to help improve the appearance and health of the skin. Among the most popular are to reduce acne scarring, improve skin texture, and reduce signs of aging.
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Dermatology additional procedures information
Dermatitis is the term used for those conditions or disorders that cause redness, swelling, peeling, or blistering of the skin. Dermatitis can be caused by genetic, immunological, environmental or emotional factors. There are different types of dermatitis, the most common are atopic, contact, and seborrheic. Treatment can start with lifestyle changes and slowly incorporate creams, ointments, phototherapy, or corticosteroids.
Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that primarily affects the face. It is characterized by redness, rashes and small bumps on the skin, and sometimes by an inflamed and thickened nose. Treatment for rosacea can vary depending on the type and severity of symptoms, but may include topical or oral medications, pulsed light therapy, and lifestyle and dietary changes.
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Mexico City, CDMX.
Dra. Jesse Schwartzberg

When to see a dermatologist

Acne and aging
A dermatologist can help diagnose and treat acne, as well as what care you should take according to your skin type.
Most people have moles, even in some cases an infinite number of them. In general, they do not cause any health problems. However, if you notice any changes in color, shape, or size, consult a dermatologist for a check-up.
If you have a skin burn caused by objects, liquids, chemicals, or the sun, it's important seeing a dermatologist for a check-up, so you can get proper treatment.
Wounds that do not heal
Not all skin heals in the same way, but if you notice that the wound is taking too long to heal, you should see a dermatologist to rule out or diagnose metabolic or circulatory problems.
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