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Otolaryngology is the medical specialty that treats problems and disorders on the ears, nose, neck, and throat. This specialty allows doctors to prescribe medicine and perform delicate operations. Otolaryngologists are also known as ENT, ear, nose, or throat doctors.
An otolaryngologist can treat conditions like hearing loss, vertigo, breathing, and vocal cord disorders, as well as benign and cancerous tumors. Their education and training take approximately 15 years, and some doctors can take two additional years of subspecialty training.
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Eardrum repair
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Otolaryngology additional procedures information
Laryngoscopy is a procedure used to detect and diagnose voice problems, swelling, blockages, remove foreign objects or perform a biopsy. During the procedure, the ENT doctor introduces a thin flexible camera (laryngoscope) that allows to look at the larynx, vocal cords, and nearby structures. In some cases, a biopsy can be performed at the same time, in which a small sample of tissue of vocal cords will be collected. The samples are sent to a lab to be tested. Usually takes two to three weeks to get the results, the specialist can send them to your e-mail.
Ear Tubes - Tympanostomy
A tympanostomy is a procedure that facilitates the drainage of excess fluid within the ear. During the procedure, a tiny incision is made in the eardrum to suction any fluid and to insert an ear tube. This tube will allow to keep the hole open and facilitate the ongoing drainage of infected fluid from the middle ear. The ear tubes remain from 6 to 9 months and usually fall out on their own. The incision heals and has no effect on the eardrum.
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Cancún, Q. Roo.
Dra. María F. Medrano
Ciudad Juarez, Chih.
Dra. Karla S. Dávila
Estado de México
Dr. José P. Busto
Mexico City, CDMX.
Dra. Isabel Morales
Monterrey, N.L.
Dr. Jorge Treviño
Puebla, Pue.
Dr. Mario Dorantes

When to see an otolaryngologist

Hearing loss
Excess wax, infections, or head injuries are common causes of hearing loss. An otolaryngologist can diagnose and treat the problem, either removing the excess wax or with a surgical procedure.
Ear infections
Ear infections result in pain and trouble hearing. Severe ear infections can cause the eardrum to burst or a symptom of other conditions like a tumor in the throat.
An otolaryngologist has the training to find the cause of your vertigo and treat it properly. Some of the common causes of vertigo are ear infections or medical conditions that affect the brain.
Chronic sinusitis
Chronic swelling and inflammation of the nasal passages can be caused by an infection, mucus buildup, or deviated septum. This condition causes difficulty breathing and pain in the face and ears. The otolaryngologist will help you manage the condition with medication or surgical treatment.
Sore throat
Sore throat is highly common and usually a symptom of cold or bronchitis. You should go to an ENT when the hoarseness lasts more than two weeks or the pain is too severe.
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