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Cardiology procedures in Mazatlán

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A cardiologist specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and surgical approach of heart and blood vessel disorders, such as; heart failure, congenital defects, valvular disease, among others. Get more information about prices and the most popular procedures in Mazatlan.
The cardiovascular surgeon in Mazatlan has the certifications and experience to provide patients with the best treatments and high-quality services. The specialist will create a comfortable and safe environment.
Additional cardiology procedures in Mazatlán
Coronary angiography
Coronary angiography is a procedure in which the specialist can detect and locate narrowed blood vessels and determine how well the heart is working.
This is a test uses to examine the heart pumping strength, movement, and size. During the test, the specialist uses high-frequency waves that can be interpreted on a monitor as a moving image.
Also known as EGC or EKG this test measures the electrical signals of the heart. During the test, 12 electrodes are placed on the chest, the electrical activity will be recorded.
Exercise stress test
A stress test is used to see how is working a pacemaker or to diagnose heart-related conditions. During the test, the patient will be walking on a treadmill that increases speed and elevation.