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Bariatric surgery procedures in Reynosa

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Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery focuses on the treatment, prevention, and management of obesity and extreme obesity. There are surgical and minimally invasive bariatric procedures that will help you achieve the desired results. See the most popular procedures to find out more information.
Make the first step to a new you with weight-loss surgery in Reynosa. The bariatric surgeon has years of experience and handles the best technology to help patients get the procedure they need while offering the best patient care and affordable prices.
Gallbladder Removal
Also known as cholecystectomy, this procedure involves the surgical removal of the gallbladder to prevent more serious problems. The removal can be done as open or laparoscopic surgery.
This surgery is done to surgically remove the appendix, once it has an infection, inflammation, or swollenness. The surgery can be performed as an open surgery or laparoscopic surgery.
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
GERD is a condition in which the stomach acids move up to the mouth and irritates the esophagus. Surgery is considered after medication or other treatments didn’t alleviate the symptoms.