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Chemical peeling is a treatment that helps to improve the appearance of the face, neck and hands. Depending on the desired results, the peel can be mild, medium or deep.
The procedure consists of applying a corrosive chemical substance on the skin that depending on the type of peel can penetrate to the epidermis, superficial dermis or middle dermis. This chemical removes the superficial layer of the skin and produces a delayed regeneration, resulting in a more luminous skin free of blemishes, wrinkles or acne scars.

Types of chemical peel

Mild or medium peel
This type of peel reaches the epidermis or superficial dermis and is used to treat expression lines, acne marks and improve skin tone.
Deep peel
The deep peel penetrates to the middle dermis and is used to minimize scars, deep wrinkles and skin damage caused by the sun.
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Improves skin appearance
Helps in the treatment of acne
Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles
Chemical peel
Procedure: 30 min. - 1:50 hrs.
Hospital stay: -
Cleared to fly: 1 day
After surgery
Out-of-town patients’ do not require a follow-up. Patients are clear to fly on the same day of a chemical peel procedure.
Note: See with the specialist what follow-up or postoperative care you need to take with a primary care physician, or specialist in your home city, regarding sutures or medication adjustments after the procedure.
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Chemical peel frequent questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions and what to expect after the surgery.
Am I a candidate for chemical peeling?
Candidates for a chemical peel are those who wish to improve the appearance of the skin, remove scars or skin blemishes.
Is the treatment painful?
You may feel a burning sensation. In some peels, medication may be used during and after the treatment.
After the chemical peel, is it necessary to take special care?
Yes, it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun and use sun block, do not scratch the skin and do not pull off the scabs that come off after the peel.

Disclaimer: This information does not reflect the medical advice from our clinics. All cases are different and this treatment may not suit you. Always refer to a medical professional with the certification and experience. All of our physicians are fully qualified to perform these procedures. For more information and diagnosis contact one of our top specialized clinics.

In all medical procedures, there are chances of complications, the specialist will provide you detailed information about the risks of the procedure, talk to the specialist directly.