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A colonoscopy helps detect changes or abnormalities in the colon and rectum. This procedure is done by inserting the colonoscope through the rectum.
Before the procedure, you might be asked to follow a special diet or take a laxative to clean out your colon. On the day of your colonoscopy, you will be given a mild sedative to minimize any discomfort, but you will not lose consciousness. During a colonoscopy, the specialist introduces to the rectum a thin-flexible tube called "colonoscope". This tube has attached a light and a camera that projects images to a monitor where the specialist can see with detail the colon. In addition, the specialist can insert instruments through the tube to take a biopsy or remove polyps.
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Save up to 85.9%
Minimal downtime
Can remove polyps
Helps diagnose cancer
Diagnoses other conditions
Procedure: 60 min.
Hospital stay: 2 hrs.
Cleared to fly: 1 day
After surgery
Out of town patients do not require follow-ups with the endoscopist after the procedure. Patients are clear for flying after 1 day from the colonoscopy.
Note: Consult with your specialist for follow-up or additional care after the procedure upon your return.
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Colonoscopy frequent questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions and what to expect after the procedure.
Am I a candidate for a colonoscopy?
Your doctor will recommend a colonoscopy to confirm a diagnosis, find the cause of your symptoms, or if you’re 50 years or older, or have a risk of developing colon cancer.
How do I prepare for a colonoscopy?
Your doctor might ask you to follow a special diet or take a laxative to clean your colon. Any residue can affect the view and screening.
How long do I have to wait to get my results?
Your specialist will discuss what was found during the colonoscopy.
If a tissue sample was taken, you will have the results after 2 or 3 days, but, if more complex tests are needed you might have to wait up to 7 or 10 days.

Disclaimer: This information does not reflect the medical advice from our clinics. All cases are different and this treatment may not suit you. Always refer to a medical professional with the certification and experience. All of our physicians are fully qualified to perform these procedures. For more information and diagnosis contact one of our top specialized clinics.

In all medical procedures, there are chances of complications, the specialist will provide you detailed information about the risks of the procedure, talk to the specialist directly.