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Federico Pérez
Patient, Chihuahua 12/28/2021
bullets I went to see Dr. Jaurrieta due to a gradual loss of peripheral vision in my right eye. He examined me and diagnosed me with a retinal detachment, the explanation he gave me was clear and detailed. He recommended surgery to correct the problem. He performed the surgery successfully, my vision has been recovering. The postoperative follow-up has been excellent, very detailed, and meticulous.
Martha Porras
Patient, Chihuahua 01/24/2021
bullets A very professional and dedicated doctor; he took all the time to check me thoroughly, explained to me several times, and answered all my questions. I recommend him 100% and of course, I will come back to him as many times as necessary.
Nayeli Rodríguez
Patient, Chihuahua
bullets Dr. Jaurrieta is one of the most knowledgeable and courteous doctors I have ever met. He and his staff are exceptionally kind, he answers every question very clearly for his patients, in addition to the fact that he has top-quality equipment and facilities. I was really satisfied with all the service provided, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.

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Testimonials for eye surgery in Chihuahua