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Pediatric rehabilitation procedures in Mexicali

Rehabilitation - physical therapy or chiropractic in
Physical therapy and rehabilitation clinics focus on developing a non-invasive treatment plan to help improve and maintain mobility or prevent re-injuries on patients that had had an injury, surgery, amputation, or live with a neurological condition. See more information about the most popular physical therapies in Mexicali.
The physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic in Mexicali has the facilities and specialists to provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients and their families attending a physical therapy session. You can be confident in the professionalism and ethics provided at this top location.

Additional rehabilitation procedures in Mexicali

Pediatric physical therapy
Functional exercises based on the correction of postural alterations such as scoliosis, flat feet, knee valgus or varus, pointe walking, hip rotation, among others.
Pediatric Neurorehabilitation
Treatment that encompasses a set of techniques and tools aimed at achieving functional goals in children who have limitations in their neurodevelopment.
Neurological intervention in premature infants
Approach focused on avoiding or treating neurodevelopmental delay in children at high neurological risk who presented prematurity as the main factor.
Therasuit intensive program
Consists of the specific facilitation of movement components with therapeutic suits accompanied by an intensive program which consists of 60 hours distributed over 5 days a week for 4 weeks together with a pulley system, spider and UEU cabin to establish new patterns of posture and movement to integrate them into the daily life of the patient.
This program offers many benefits for children with motor difficulties such as: Cerebral palsy, Developmental delay, Hypotonia, Ataxia, Down syndrome, among others.
CME (Cuevas Medek Exercises)
Set of exercises that provoke automatic motor reactions, leading the child to experience and carry out a logical sequence of development activities, which did not previously had, totally focused on the active participation of the patient.
Therapeutic exercise involves a series of movements that aim to improve range of motion and strength. The exercise can be passive or active.
Manual therapy
Manual therapy is classified as soft tissue techniques and joint techniques. Both help reduce pain and improve the function of the muscles and joints.
Kinesiology taping
Kinesiology taping or Kinesio tape is used to help change muscle tone, correct movement, and posture.