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We are the only clinic in the city with an entire team of qualified and certified physiotherapy professionals in various specialties who work under specialized and certified protocols, and quality standards that guarantee optimal recovery.

Our team has the following specialties:
Our physiotherapy area is composed solely of professionals licensed in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation; each one of them specialized in different physiotherapeutic techniques and specialties.
Certified Therapists by the International Association of Kinesio Taping.
Internationally certified personnel in physical activity during pregnancy and postpartum by the BMOM school.
Internationally certified personnel in sports physiotherapy.

Staff trained in various specialized topics, some of which include:
Advanced techniques in electrotherapy.
Biomechanical alterations in lower limbs.
Comprehensive rehabilitation of the diabetic patient.
Surgery and Rehabilitation of the Brachial Plexus.
Rehabilitation of the burned and amputated patient.
Child rehabilitation.
Application of kinesiology tapes.
Manual therapy.
Myofascial release techniques.
Fibrolysis with jook.
Functional Rehabilitation.
Therapeutic exercise.
Sports physiotherapy.
Certification in Evidence-Based Global Myofascial Release Techniques. IACES, 2016.
Introductory Workshop to the Feldenkrais Method for Physiotherapists. Mexican Association of the Feldenkrais Method, 2017.
Certification in Sports Physiotherapy. Prevention and Rehabilitation of Lower Limb Injuries, 2018.
Dry Needling Concept Method Application Course – Dry Puncture, 2019.

Oaxaca physiotherapist doctor certificate
Oaxaca physiotherapist doctor certificate
Oaxaca physiotherapist doctor certificate
Oaxaca physiotherapist doctor certificate
Oaxaca physiotherapist doctor certificate
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