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Rehabilitation procedures in Oaxaca

Rehabilitation - physical therapy or chiropractic in
Rehabilitation clinics or physical therapy clinics specialize in minimally invasive procedures to help patients that are suffering from limited mobility due to injuries, trauma, or a neurological condition, restore their quality of life and independence. Get more information about the most popular procedures performed at this top location.
The physical therapy clinic in Oaxaca has the facilities and equipment to offer personalized and specialized therapy according to each patient’s needs. You can be confident that you will get high-quality services at affordable prices.

Additional rehabilitation procedures in Oaxaca

Exercise or therapeutic exercise helps improve the range of motion and strength. There are two types of exercise passive, in which the specialist guides the body movement; and active, where you are the one that controls the movements.
The ultrasound is a form of therapy that uses soundwaves to help reduce swelling and muscle spasms.
Electrical stimulation and TENS
Electrical stimulation helps manage symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia. TENS send electrical impulses to disrupt the nerves that send signals of pain to the brain.
Manual therapy
Manual therapy involves soft tissue techniques and joint techniques. Both help reduce pain and improve the function of the body.
Kinesiology taping
Kinesiology taping consists of applying a special tape that helps support the joints, muscles, and tendons to help alleviate pain and spasms while facilitating their movement.