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Medical tourism services for general surgery in Puebla

Why general surgery in Puebla

Puebla is internationally recognized for its history, baroque architecture, gastronomy, and pottery. Book a consultation with a certified surgeon in Puebla and get affordable prices and personalized attention on the surgery you need.

See how to make the best of your visit with our specialized services for medical tourism in Puebla.
Technology used for general surgery in Puebla
Laparoscopic surgery
Minilaparoscopy surgery
Robotic Surgery with Davinci Robot
Last generation biological and synthetic meshes
Ligasure, Harmoic ace, Sonisicion type energy systems
Endoscopic stapling system type Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Purple
Puebla attractions and recommendations
Africam Safari
Mercado el Parian
Estrella de Puebla
Museo Amparo
Catedral de Puebla
Letter sign with Puebla name
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Av. Kepler 2143, Torre II de Especialidades, 8vo piso, Consultorio 3850, Reserva Territorial Atlixcáyotl, 72190 Puebla, Pue.