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A bone biopsy is a test used to confirm or provide a diagnosis of a bone disorder, infection, find a bone tumor or a cause of pain on the bones. To achieve this, doctors take a small sample of bone from the candidate. This can usually be a same day procedure.
There are two ways for a doctor to perform the procedure. A needle biopsy is the least invasive, one needle is inserted over the bone and a second one is inserted inside the first collecting the sample. An open biopsy is done when a bigger piece of bone is required, a small incision is done over the bone and the sample is collected. A needle biopsy may need only local anesthesia and is a same day procedure, while an open biopsy could use general anesthesia and a longer stay.
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Bone biopsy
Procedure: 10 min. - 1 hr.
Hospital stay: 1 hr.
Cleared to fly: Same day
After surgery
Out of town patients do not require follow-ups with the orthopedic surgeon after the procedure. Patients are clear to fly on the same day of the bone biopsy.
Note: Follow-ups can be arranged as face-to-face or virtually. If needed, you can go to your primary care physician to remove sutures or get medication adjustments.
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Bone biopsy frequent questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions and what to expect after the surgery.
Do I need a bone biopsy?
Bone biopsy is used to diagnose any conditions on the bones. Orthopedists use it when they suspect the patient’s condition is not properly showing up on other forms of testing. We suggest on keeping contact with our top orthopedists to find out what your body needs.
How can I prepare before a bone biopsy?
Before the procedure your doctor will ask about your medical history, and if you’re taking any medication, and he may also arrange a simple blood test. We suggest on keeping contact with our top orthopedists to find out how to best prepare depending on your specific needs.
Which kind of bone biopsy will I get?
Your doctor will determine if you require a needle or open biopsy. We suggest on keeping contact with our top orthopedists to understand which kind could you need.
How long will I stay at the hospital?
Depending on the kind of biopsy you could return home after the local anesthesia wears out, usually three or four hours; or stay overnight if you had an open biopsy.
What can I expect for recovery?
Depending on the kind on biopsy, you could feel soreness up to a week after the procedure. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities when they feel ready to do so, but doctors may place some restrictions on the activities depending on where the biopsy was performed. We suggest on keeping contact with our top orthopedists to see which precautions may apply to you depending on your needs.

Disclaimer: This information does not reflect the medical advice from our clinics. All cases are different and this treatment may not suit you. Always refer to a medical professional with the certification and experience. All of our physicians are fully qualified to perform these procedures. For more information and diagnosis contact one of our top specialized clinics.

In all medical procedures, there are chances of complications, the specialist will provide you detailed information about the risks of the procedure, talk to the specialist directly.