Genioplasty or chin surgery information and locations in Mexico

A genioplasty is a surgery done to patients with a weak chin, but have an otherwise normal bite. It can be done with either a sliding technique or implants. Depending on the patient, this could be a same day procedure.
A genioplasty can be done with sliding technique or implants. Both techniques require general anesthesia. On a sliding genioplasty, the surgeon cuts the chin bone and moves it to correct the deficiency. This is usually done on patients with more noticeable chin problems. The other procedure is a chin implant made of synthetic material compatible with your body that is attached over the bone. Both techniques are done from within the mouth as to not leave external scars.
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Procedure: 1 hr.
Hospital stay: 30 min. - 3 hrs.
Cleared to fly: 7 days
After surgery
Out of town patients’ follow-ups are scheduled with the maxillofacial surgeon after 7 - 14 days from genioplasty surgery. Patients are clear for flying after 7 days from the genioplasty surgery.
Note: Follow-ups can be arranged as face-to-face or virtually. If needed, you can go to your primary care physician to remove sutures or get medication adjustments.
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Genioplasty or chin surgery frequent questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions and what to expect after the surgery.
Am I a candidate for genioplasty?
This surgery is mostly cosmetic, and is recommended for patients with a prominent chin but have a normal bite. We recommend you to refer to one of our professional doctors for an evaluation to determine if this surgery is best for you.
Which kind of genioplasty do I need?
Before surgery your doctor will make an appointment to carefully study your face and chin to determine which procedure suits your needs. A sliding surgery is recommended for patients with a more prominent chin.
How long does a chin implant last?
All implants are meant to be permanent, and are designed to last your entire life.
How long will recovery be?
This depends on the kind of procedure and the patient. Swelling could take 1 or 2 weeks to disappear completely. Time might be longer on a sliding chin surgery, but just slightly. We recommend you to consult our top specialists to better understand your recovery time.

Disclaimer: This information does not reflect the medical advice from our clinics. All cases are different and this treatment may not suit you. Always refer to a medical professional with the certification and experience. All of our physicians are fully qualified to perform these procedures. For more information and diagnosis contact one of our top specialized clinics.

In all medical procedures, there are chances of complications, the specialist will provide you detailed information about the risks of the procedure, talk to the specialist directly.