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Dr. Ricardo Lara Vázquez

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We provide high quality dental services, under the philosophy of total satisfaction in our services, applying treatments supported in the technological updates and ethics, guaranteeing our patients with excellent results.

We look to consolidate as the best option for your oral care, constantly upgrading our knowledge in the scientific advances and innovate our equipment.

Mexicali maxillofacial doctor certificate
Mexicali maxillofacial doctor certificate
Bullets Excellent attention. They attend with a lot of human quality and most impor ... Read more.
Ana Barrios
Patient, 07/01/2019
Bullets Good attention, the staff very kind, the procedure was really fast and pain ... Read more.
Samara Torres
Patient, 07/01/2019
Bullets I receive excellent attention and painless. Two extractions and three impla ... Read more.
Leo Guzman Enriquez
Patient, 01/19/2019