Ovarian cyst removal information and locations in Mexico

This surgery is used to remove a cyst from one or both ovaries. Treatment depends on the age, symptoms, type, and size of the cyst. Most ovarian cysts are not cancerous.
The first option treatment is watchful waiting to see if the cyst goes away, or medication to keep the cyst from recurring. Surgery is advised when the cyst is too large, causes pain, or is suspected of being or become cancerous (ovarian cancer).
Depending on the size of the cyst, the gynecologist can do open or laparoscopic surgery. During the procedure, the doctor removes the cyst or cysts while preserving the ovary and fertility, then a small sample is tested for cancer. If cancer is found both or one ovaries may be removed.
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Ovarian cyst removal
Procedure: 2 hrs.
Hospital stay: 2 - 3 days
Cleared to fly: 2 - 3 days
After surgery
Out-of-town patients’ do not require a follow-up. Patients are clear for flying after 2 - 3 days from the ovarian cyst removal surgery.
Note: See with the specialist what follow-up or postoperative care you need to take with a primary care physician, or specialist in your home city, regarding sutures or medication adjustments after the procedure.
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Ovarian cyst removal frequent questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions and what to expect after the procedure.
How can I prepare for ovarian cysts removal surgery?
The main recommendation is to stop smoking completely before your appointment, as it increases your chances of developing complications, in addition, you will have to avoid eating or drinking for 6 hours before the surgery.
What can I expect during recovery?
Your doctor will prescribe pain medication and will encourage you to take short walks that will help you regain your strength. Most patients can return to their normal activities after 2 or 3 weeks.
Can I get pregnant after the surgery?
The main goal of this surgery is to only remove the cyst while preserving the rest of your ovaries and your fertility. If cancer was found, the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes might be removed, so you won’t be able to become pregnant.

Disclaimer: This information does not reflect the medical advice from our clinics. All cases are different and this treatment may not suit you. Always refer to a medical professional with the certification and experience. All of our physicians are fully qualified to perform these procedures. For more information and diagnosis contact one of our top specialized clinics.

In all medical procedures, there are chances of complications, the specialist will provide you detailed information about the risks of the procedure, talk to the specialist directly.