Enjoy some of Tijuana’s Top Spots for Medical Tourists

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In addition to being a world-class hub for medical care, Tijuana is a city that offers unique experiences and cultural diversity. If you’re interested in this city for your medical tourism trip, here are some recommendations. A visit to Tijuana’s Cultural Center should be included in every medical trip to Tijuana. The center offers an IMAX dome, theater productions and modern art exhibitions from local artists; this is a great place to enjoy some of Tijuana’s best dynamic arts!
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If you’re looking to get a taste of Tijuana’s local products, the Anahuac Market is a must-visit. Visitors local and from abroad gather in this place to buy products from farmers and artisans, making this place not only great to get fresh produce but also buy some handmade crafts. You can purchase souvenirs for your loved ones, eat authentic food and take a breath of fresh air to relax after your medical appointment.
Lastly, if you’re a fan of wrestling you have to visit the Museum of Lucha Libre. This museum has the largest collection of Mexican wrestling memorabilia in the world and is open to visitors of all ages. Every week there are instructive and immersive exhibits dedicated to different wrestlers from history. Give your medical tourism trip an adventurous twist and visit the museum. Remember to contact your specialist to check if any activities could impact your treatment.
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