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Mexico City and Estado de Mexico are one of the most visited urban hubs in the world. Both offer a wide range of experiences and continue to evolve every year without losing sight of its history and traditions, becoming a place where tourists can enjoy the past and the future of this wonderful country.
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Mexico City and the State of Mexico are dynamic, multifaceted destinations that seamlessly blend history, culture, and modernity. All of our accredited doctors for Medical Tourism will share their expertise and quality, so you can enjoy the best medical attention while you explore the diverse attractions, like the famous City of Teotihuacan, the Historic Center, Chapultepec Castle, the Museum of Anthropology or even take a relaxing boat ride in Xochimilco, all showcase a different era of Mexico's history.

You can experience what some of the best artists in the world have created in Mexico's finest museums; Palacio de Bellas Artes, Soumaya or the popular art museum. Every place you visit will allow you to live the rich cultural heritage of Mexico.

And let’s not forget about the food, one of the most talked about the wonders of Mexico. Enjoy the traditional tacos de canasta, gorditas, or quesadillas, or let your palate explore more adventurous dishes, like a torta de tamal, chapulines with spicy salsa, the possibilities are endless.

You can be certain that you’ll find a wide range of accommodations from modern to more traditional depending on your preferences and budget. Finding the one that fits your needs won’t be a problem in this amazing destination.

Ciudad de Mexico is a very big and diverse city, with many neighborhoods to discover, you can always check each of our doctor’s profiles to see what the doctor personally recommends and suggestions to visit during your stay.

You can pay with US dollars, Credit/Debit cards on most restaurants and establishments. If you pay with cash the exchange rate will be lower, it’s better to visit a foreign exchange agency, a bank or an ATM to turn your currency into Mexican pesos.
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México City general information

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*Main tourist attractions points and our suggested places.

Information about Embassies, Consulates or Consular Agencies for U.S. and Canadian citizens.
In case of emergency or general assistance to citizens traveling in Mexico please contact the nearest embassy, consulate or consular agency.
U.S. Embassy in Mexico City
Paseo de la Reforma 305 Colonia Cuauhtemoc 06500 Mexico, D.F.
Assistance to U.S. citizen
From Mexico:
Tel: 55-8526-2561
From the United States:
Tel: 1-844-528-6611
Embassy of Canada in Mexico
Schiller 529, Col. Bosque de Chapultepec (Polanco) Del. Miguel Hidalgo 11580 Ciudad de Mexico, D.F. Mexico
Assistance to Canadian citizen
From Mexico:
Tel: 55-5724-7900
From Canada:
Tel: 011-52-55-5724-7900
Safety tips
Our recommendations for visiting this city would be to take the same precautions that you’l use when visiting another cosmopolitan city. You can be certain that most of the popular tourist destinations are safe to explore and walk around.
Arriving by air
Your flight will take you to Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX), which receives all international flights to Mexico City. The airport will offer many transportation options that will take you to the city, like buses, taxis, and subways.
Remember that if you request an Uber, you could be asked to walk one block away from the entrances.
The prices for an Uber or a Taxi ride to most destinations in the city from the airport range from 10 to 30 US dollars.
Common flights to Ciudad de Mexico. (Approx.)
Atlanta 3:30 Hrs.
Chicago 4:20 Hrs.
Houston 2:10 Hrs.
London 11:30 Hrs.
Los Angeles 4:00 Hrs.
Miami 3:35 Hrs.
Montreal 5:30 Hrs.
New York 5:30 Hrs.
Toronto 4:50 Hrs.
Vancouver 5:40 Hrs.
How to move around the city
Mexico City, like most cities, has high traffic most of the time, so it’s recommended to use public transportation to move around town, but calling a taxi or an Uber are also good and affordable options. Take into account that due to the abundance of tall buildings, you could see some minor problems with cellular reception.
Where to stay?
You can find a wide selection of hotels and motels with a price range of $30 - $80 USD per night.
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Additional information
México City attractions
Chapultepec Castle
The National Museum of Anthropology
Torre Latinoamericana
Places you can drive from Mexico City (Approx.)
Tepoztlan - 47.1 miles
Cuernavaca - 49.6 miles
Puebla - 83.8 miles
Cholula - 90 miles
Taxco - 106 miles
Morelia - 195 miles
Acapulco - 232 miles
Guadalajara - 340 miles
To visit these places, you can book a tour or rent a car. Remember to check with your American car insurance or your rental car company if you are covered.
General information
If you are looking for more information about destinations, events, concerts or the many activities in the city
Mariachi playing the trumpet in xochimilco
Front view of the Palace of fine arts
Side view of the pyramid of the sun in Teotihuacan
Events for medical tourism in Mexico City
Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo
Art fair
Date: February
Venue: Varies per event
Events for medical tourism in Mexico City
Festival de Primavera
Cultural festival
Date: March
Venue: Zocalo
Events for medical tourism in Mexico City
Grito de Independencia
Date: September 15
Venue: Zocalo
Events for medical tourism in Mexico City
Day of the Dead Parade
Date: November 2
Venue: Zocalo
For more information about the events, please check their official website or social media.
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